August 2017

Power BI Report Server - On-premises hosting of Power BI Dashboards Enterprise IT

Power BI Report Server – Resources

Power BI Report Server (PBIRS) – Notes and Resources This blog article will serve as a running notebook for information and findings related to Power BI Report Server, also known as PBIRS What is Power BI Report Server (PBIRS)? PBIRS is a recently released Microsoft server product that allows a company to host on-premises Power BI dashboards (as well as traditional SSRS reports). It’s…

macOS - Finder Rename option for multiple files macOS

How To Rename Multiple Files Using macOS

There’s an easy way to rename multiple files using finder in macOS Since the Yosemite release of Mac OS X (now called macOS) the Finder application (Mac’s equivalent of Windows File Explorer) has a powerful feature that lets you easily rename multiple files. Historically, renaming more than one file at a time required a custom script or a 3rd party add-on program. This new…

Netgear CM500 Cable Modem - DOCSIS 3.0 16x4 channel General

Top 3 Reasons to Own Your Cable Modem

Why you should own your Cable Modem (or at least consider it) Did you know you can own your cable modem as opposed to leasing an outdated model from your Internet Service Provider? It’s true, all the major home Internet Service Providers (ISPs) will gladly lease this equipment to you for years at a time, for about $10 a month. That really adds up…