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Amazon's Lightsail is their easy to use VPS service (Virtual Private Servers) Web Hosting

Using Amazon’s Lightsail VPS service for WordPress Hosting

Let’s talk about using Amazon’s Lightsail VPS (Virtual Private Server) service for WordPress hosting. It starts pretty cheap – but does it have the performance we need? NOTE: This article is a work in progress. Please check back in the near future and we’ll have results – but for now – have a read and see if you can understand what we’re trying to…

SSH Key Authentication Setup – A2 Hosting

Here’s how to setup SSH Key Authentication when you are using A2 Hosting‘s Linux shared web hosting. SSH Key Authentication uses key pairs – a public key and a private key. These public keys are stored in files. There will be two files, typically. The public key needs to be on the web server, and the private key on your local workstation. From your…

WordPress Web Site Disaster Recovery On The Cheap

Are you hosting a business-critical WordPress website on a shared hosting provider? If so, you probably have experienced a website outage – something that has caused material impact to your cash flow. And if you haven’t, it is only a matter of time before you do. Why is this? Because all hosting providers have outages. That includes the big ones and the small ones….

Green Padlock - Symbolizing the security of using HTTPS on your website Web Hosting

HTTPS Everywhere

Using HTTPS Everywhere I recommend all websites use https. That includes your personal blog, small company marketing sites, as well as web applications and e-commerce websites. What is HTTPS? As I explained in my article for small business: “It is HTTP delivered through a secure, encrypted connection. When you visit a website protected by HTTPS, the first step is your web browser and the…

Using rsync and Time Machine for web site backups

Jeff Atwood has declared December 14th, 2009 as International Backup Awareness Day, and with good reason, as his blog, Coding Horror, experienced catastrophic data loss.  Long story short, a disk drive failure on a external hosting server resulted in complete data loss and a recent full backup was not available.  A lengthy, manual restore procedure is under way. Lesson learned: Jeff suggests maintaining your…