GORUCK Wire Dopp Review

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I don’t know about you – but I’m looking forward to getting back out on the road again – that means business travel.

I’ll be schlepping my GORUCK GR1 all over the place – chock full of computers, gadgets, and all the accessories.

And those accessories will be neatly packed away in the Wire Dopps from GORUCK.

GORUCK Wire Dopps are simple but versatile packing pouches intended for your electronic accessories such as chargers, batteries, SD cards, and cables, but can also carry anything that can fit inside them. They are very low-key, but since they are from GORUCK, you’ll expect some brutal ruggedness (they are made from 1000D Cordura – GORUCK’s favorite material).

Get’em now – at GORUCK:

Wire Dopp Standard (Black) Wire Dopp Standard. Our recommendation. Is big, but not that big. You can fit lots of stuff in the Standard size.

GORUCK Wire Dopp mini front

Wire Dopp Mini (Black) Wire Dopp Mini. This is half the physical size, but that means even less than half storage space because of how the mesh and zippers are arranged. That said, you can fit everything you need for a MacBook Pro 13-inch in this model...

Wire Dopps from GORUCK – Overview

Let’s take a quick tour – then compare the two sizes head to head.

The Wire Dopps have a very slender silhouette and are designed to slide smoothly into the pockets of the Goruck packs. The Wire Dopps have two sizes – Standard and Mini and both have a single side-release buckle fastened at the base. They are made from 1000D CORDURA for rugged durability. Outside, the only decoration is a 2×3 inch patch-friendly VELCRO that you can customize with a morale patch or flag of your pick.

GORUCK Wire Dopp standard no patch

GORUCK Wire Dopp standard no patch

These Wire Dopps use YKK zippers with color-coded 550 cord pulls for fast and simple access. While the pouches are flat, they can easily take bigger items and expand to contain more items. They utilize mesh same as the ones used in GORUCK packs which are used in military vests. These are convenient pouches, especially if you travel a lot and moves from one place to another all the time.

GORUCK Wire Dopp standard open with cords

GORUCK Wire Dopp standard open with cords

Wire Dopp Standard
This pouch has three zippered storage areas, and these zippers have different colors: Black for the small pouch and Red for the larger pouch. When closed, it has a dimension of 8.5″ x 9.5″. The large compartment measures 8″ x 9.25″ while the small compartments measure 4.5″ x 7.5″. The patch-friendly VELCRO is placed in the middle of the front.

GORUCK Wire Dopp standard open flat

GORUCK Wire Dopp standard open flat

Wire Dopp Mini
The mini version has two zippered storage areas with two different colors as the Standard. Black signifies a small pouch, while Red is for the big pouch. It measures 4.5″ x 9.75″ when closed, and the mini compartment measures 3.25″ x 9.75″. The VELCRO is placed on the left lower side of the front.

GORUCK Wire Dopp mini open flat

GORUCK Wire Dopp mini open flat

Wire Dopp Standard Versus Wire Dopp Mini – Fight!

Ok, so one is one half the size of the other.

What can we do with either? Let’s take a look.

GORUCK Wire Dopp Review 24

Here’s the two wire dopps with a GR1 Field Pocket (grey) for comparison.

GORUCK Wire Dopp Review 28

See this OWC Thunderbolt 4 dongle? It’s just too big to fit ANYWHERE in the Dopp mini…

GORUCK Wire Dopp Review 29

See? It’s not gonna fit – not if you want to close the zipper.

GORUCK Wire Dopp Review 33

But, in fairness – that is an unusually bulky computer accessory. Here’s everything a MacBook Pro laptop user might need – USB-C charger, USB-C cables, Lighthing to USB – etc. It all fits. But there’s no extra room.

GORUCK Wire Dopp Review 35

And that leads us to the Standard sized Wire Dopp from GORUCK. There’s room to spare.

GORUCK Wire Dopp Review 43

You can fit multiple computers worth of accessories in the Standard.

GORUCK Wire Dopp Review 38

Buckle closed!

Wire Dopps from GORUCK Review – In Summary

That’s our review of Wire Dopps from GORUCK – Mini and Standard.

GORUCK Wire Dopp Review 02

GORUCK Wire Dopps – Mini on the left, Standard on the right.

GORUCK Wire Dopps are pretty smooth externally and slide easily into pockets of your rucksack. They are versatile and can carry anything that fits especially charging cables, earbuds, and adapter parts for your tablet, smartphone, laptop, or music device. These are your quick access to your travel and EDC essentials.

The Mini will get the job done – but if you have to haul around multiple computers or devices – you’ll appreciate the much greater storage capacity of the Standard.

GORUCK Wire Dopp Review 05

I recommend the Standard – there’s just a lot more usable space for storage.

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GORUCK Wire Dopp mini inside accessories

GORUCK Wire Dopp mini inside accessories

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GORUCK Wire Dopp Review 13

The Wire Dopps are made from 1000D Cordura. It’s tough – but heavy. You will not wear out the material.

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