HDHomeRun EXTEND.FREE - get Digital TV Over The Air (OTA) and share with all your Wi-Fi devices. Cord Cutters

HDHomeRun Extend and Quatro – Use these digital TV tuners for watching and recording free TV channels in HD

Use the HDHomeRun digital TV Tuner to access free Over The Air (OTA) TV channels in HD Join the cord cutting revolution – why are you still paying for a lot of expensive cable channels you never watch? Since 2015, TV broadcasters in the US have been required to broadcast their content Over The Air (OTA) in a digital format (Digital TV or DTV)….

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update - the next major upgrade for WIndows 10 Windows 10

All About Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

All About Windows 10 Fall Creators Update On Tuesday, October 17, 2017, Microsoft will release the next version of Windows 10 – the Fall Creators Update, also known as version 1709. This is a follow-on upgrade from the Anniversary Update (1607) and the original Creators Update (1703) that came out earlier in 2017. How Can I Tell If a Machine Is Running Fall Creators…

Western Digital Gold Edition Hard Disk Drive - an excellent choice when you need performance, reliability, and mass storage sizes for lots of room General

Hard Disk Drives – Bigger and Cheaper Than Ever – Thanks to Helium

Hard Disk Drives Are Now Available in 10TB and 12TB Capacities – For a Reasonable Cost In the battle for maximum I/O performance Solid State Drives (SSD) have handily won the war, but spinning disk hard drive technology is far from dead – in fact, it’s better than ever. Thanks to new technology such as helium sealed hard drives, the capacities are higher than…

Equifax Data Breach – What to Do About Identity Theft

What to do about the Equifax Breach and Potential Identity Theft As you’ve probably heard, this week Equifax Inc. (one of the “big-three” credit bureaus) announced a cybersecurity incident that involved a data breach of 143 million U.S. consumer records. The information that was exposed includes: names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses and some driver’s license numbers, amongst other things. Some credit card…

Use OpenDNS for Free to Increase Network Security and Block Adult Content On Your Home Network General

OpenDNS and Quad9 – Protect your home network for FREE

Use OpenDNS for Free to Increase Network Security and Block Adult Content On Your Home Network Are you looking for a free and effective way to improve the security of your home network? How about protecting your family from adult content such as pornography, and mature themed websites such as gambling and alcohol? OpenDNS, and other Domain Name System (DNS) services like it, can…

Green Padlock - Symbolizing the security of using HTTPS on your website General

HTTPS Everywhere

Using HTTPS Everywhere I recommend all websites use https. That includes your personal blog, small company marketing sites, as well as web applications and e-commerce websites. What is HTTPS? As I explained in my article for small business: “It is HTTP delivered through a secure, encrypted connection. When you visit a website protected by HTTPS, the first step is your web browser and the…