Apple MacBook Air M1 Performance Test Review Gadgets & Tech

MacBook Air M1 Performance Review

Let’s test the performance of the new from Apple. With an Apple designed “System on a Chip” the M1 custom silicon brings great performance, minimal heat, and great battery life. To test this out, we’ll compare against a MacBook Pro 13″ from last year (Intel Core i5) and a Dell XPS 15 (Core i7) from 20202. Here are some of the styles we are…

Apple MacBook Air M1 Gold Review General

MacBook Air M1 Gold Review

Let’s review the new from Apple. Apple brings an entirely another level of Mac with its MacBook Air M1, its first-ever chip designed specifically for Mac. It is stuffed with an extraordinary 16 billion transistors, which combine the CPU, GPU, Neural Engine, I/O, and many more onto a single little chip. Four performance cores and four efficiency cores are linked to deal with demanding…