Top 5 Locations For Your Arlo Security Cameras

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We’ve talked about the Arlo Pro, Arlo Pro 2, and Arlo Ultra line of home security cameras before – they are an affordable, robust way to keep an eye on your property.

Because of their innovative wire-free design and long life battery – they let you put security cameras in locations that would prove difficult otherwise.

Further, the Arlo Pro, Arlo Pro2, and Arlo Ultra cameras are water-resistant – mounting them outdoors is not an issue. Just make sure the speaker/mic opening isn’t accessible by rain.

So, with Arlo cameras your options are near unlimited.

Where should you mount your Arlo cameras?

In this article, we’re going to discuss the top 5 locations for your Arlo security cameras.

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Top Location #1: The Front Door

First, let’s get this out of the way.

You really should have an Arlo camera covering the front door.

That’s where visitors, salesmen, and delivery people will appear – but also where potential thieves and criminals might too.

Kicking in front doors is a common method by which criminals gain access to property.

But, it’s also where they check to see if anyone is home first.

Having a camera covering the front door is a no-brainer. It let’s you screen visitors, record who is coming and going, and hopefully deter criminals.

That’s right – sometimes deterrence is the best option.

A highly visible Arlo camera – prominently mounted to cover the front door may be just what you need to convince thieves to go elsewhere.

Top Location #2: The Driveway

Much crime happens in the driveway.

Thieves target parked cars – because there is a good chance valuables are within – and a good chance the door is unlocked.

Casual door handle lifters are just one of several things you can monitor for by covering the driveway.

This particular thief usually goes about their activities at night, in the darkness.

But the Arlo Pro, Arlo Pro 2, and Arlo Ultra line of cameras all have motion detection that works at night – and the ability to record in total darkness.

Therefore, it only makes sense to have coverage of your driveway and your cars.

Arlo Pro vs Arlo Pro 2
Need help deciding between the Arlo Pro and Arlo Pro 2 cameras – check out our advice.

Top Location #3: Backyard

Just like you covered the front door of the house – you should cover the backyard too.

That’s where a thief would try and make a covert entry – whether in daylight or under the cover of darkness.

Thieves do this because they think they are out of sight in the backyard.

Your backyard is unlikely to be well lit – unlike the front where streetlights may shine.

As we mentioned previously, the night vision capabilities of the Arlo Pro and Arlo Ultra line of cameras make this a no-brainer.

But did you know that Arlo also sells wireless security lights?

Take that high power battery like the camera has – pair it up with a motion sensor, but add a bright light.

You have a great solution for EASILY illuminating would be trouble makers ANYWHERE.

Again, that’s the beauty of the Arlo line – these powerful Lithium-Ion batteries and wire-free installation cannot be beat.

Motion activated lights that activate too often can eat up a battery quickly – but luckily Arlo has some great accessories to help with that.

Top Location #4: Side yard

Catch people cutting through your yard, and keep an eye on the side of the house.


Because that’s usually where the phone lines, power, and more come into the house.

It only makes sense.

Covering the side yard is normally tricky – but not with Arlo cameras thanks to their ease of installation.

Top Location #5: Aim One At Your Home

Here’s another great tip.

A thief will be in a rush to exit – and may let his or her guard down and uncover their face.

So point a camera at the house to gain a clear recording of anyone who might be exiting.

This can easily be done if you have trees in your front yard – because a nice tall tree is the PERFECT mounting location for an Arlo Pro or Arlo Ultra camera with a robust outdoor mount.

The Arlo camera is perfect for this – because of the long battery life and the wireless connection.

One Last Tip – Don’t Let Your Cameras Be Stolen!

Arlo cameras are compact and powerful devcies. They are also expensive!

So be sure to protect your investment.

We have an article discussion tips on how to prevent camera theft.

If you follow those guidelines, you should be good to go.

In Summary – Top 5 locations for your security cameras

The Arlo Pro and Arlo Ultra cameras give you so many mounting options – it’s almost overwhelming.

But having choices is good.

We hope you can use these helpful tips to get the most from your Arlo Pro or Arlo Ultra home security camera system.

The ease of mounting these cameras anywhere is just one of the great things about Arlo cameras – you can find out more reasons why Arlo is the best home security camera.

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